There comes into my life that  the essence of”Education which is usually said to be KEY to SUCCESS does exist no more because despite of me being  teacher here i am working as a maid. A maid which is usually categorised as the lowest job in some many ways,were being undervalued.Regardless of being one and because of strong determination,i did my very best to find way out from poverty instead of arguing. For the past years i worked so hard and somehow did something good to uplift my life.But then in the later stage,i realised  that staying as a maid despite of good pay is not the job i wanted to have for long time that’s why i enrolled for Business Management school,and now i  finish my  Diploma in Business Management and hoping to jump  into higher level for the next year for my degree in Hospitality Management. It’s not easy to work and study at the same time but when you have  DETERMINATION success will follow….13332982_1085350234869511_8087020463834566319_n13323791_1085569331514268_1545295946982054428_o10906186_789236714480866_1733363910542268365_n


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