“Its better to have  1 good friend than having millions 0f fake friends.

Life is not so easy, we have ups and downs, theres a certain times that for all the burdens u have, all the sorrows that u cant share with everybody, and that was the time that we need someone we can trust, we can share every pieces, and thats what we called a BEST FRIEND . Lots of people doesnt understand the value of friendship, people use their friends for excuses, most people are selfish, they are not happy seeing their friend having a good life, they envy every good things their friends have. Instead of praising them with their good doings they will condemn and criticize…

I have 1 good friend and yes i can call her my best friend , we dont meet very often, we dont talk everyday, she stay quite distance from me. She’s really a good friend of mine, she didn’t say no, whenever i need someone to talk, whenever i need a shoulder to cry, whenever i need someone to listen, she always there. She always ready for me whenever i need her. Whenever i failed she will say, thats ok, i know its not ur wish but u can make it right next time. She given me so much courage to do whatever makes me happy. She always say” i know how good you are, you deserve nothing but the best in this world. U will be rewarded one day. Dont bother about people who pinning u down,for me u still the best… I do love her more than as a sister.


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