Love can be heaven , love can be hell and “at the touch of love everyone becomes a poet”. So what better way to tell the story of love?  Well the best story is your own love life .

There was a time where i couldn’t really believe that love does exist at all. Whenever i get hurt i will tell myself, i already had enough. I don’t want to get hurt anymore, but then here you go. We met in a place where we didn’t expect at all. No words ,not even a single word utter between us, we just simply smiled and laughed and dance ,i don’t even remember how long we holding each other  in the dance floor ,where ,everyone happily watching us.I’m bit tipsy but i knew i’m enjoying the moment with you. The next day i’m hoping u will message me, my mind was with you whilst I’m sitting in my class. I can’t help it but to smile and my eyes rolling. My friend laugh at me and say’s  don’t tell me u like him? I said i don’t think it’s wrong….His tall and handsome and the most important is he can  dance with me, oh geez..

It says love at first sight?  i think yes, we do fell in love for the first time we met. We enjoyed every moment we had together till u flew back home, we struggled a lot being  far apart but then yeah, thanks God now your on your way , coming back to me. What more i can say? Your such a good man, you always make me laugh, you always put me on top of your priorities. I can’t wait to be in your arms again…..i love You batman…


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